Why Bazi


Bazi is unique. There are no other energy shots like it. That’s because early on, we decided to make Bazi energize naturally. Read the label and you’ll see the difference: our ingredients.

Our proprietary blend of superfruits (aka the most nutrient-rich fruit from around the globe), vitamins and D-Ribose give you natural, healthy energy. We don’t add fillers like gluten, wheat, soy, corn, MSG or silicates. We don’t add artificial sweeteners or colors anything else your body won’t recognize. And there’s no warning or caution label like there are on other energy drink products—think about that.

Bazi is the power shot that supports your body’s natural energy system to perform at its most efficient level. See how Bazi out-performs other energy products below:

Our Main Ingredient? REAL

The label says it all: jujube, açaí, mangosteen, goji, pomegranate, blueberry, raspberry and seabuckthorn*. It’s even fun to read aloud. First, because you can pronounce every ingredient (unlike other energy shots out there), and second, because reading is believing that Bazi is an evolved energy shot. A two-ounce powerhouse of energy and nutrition. Our label is why we’re proud to say Bazi is “more than just energy”.

Now, you don’t have to be an avid label reader to have your body’s physical best in mind. Some of us have always considered what we’re consuming by simply avoiding certain foods like sketchy ingredients or artificial sweeteners. Bazi is naturally safe and has no warning or caution label to avoid.

That said, we encourage you to read other labels.

Energy with benefits. Or the other way around when you think about it.

Bazi gives your body a healthy, energetic alternative to the quick fix. There are no unsafe amounts of any ingredient and Bazi actually has the highest level of good-for-you antioxidants of any energy shot. Numbers aside, Bazi is naturally formulated to be healthy fuel for many different lifestyles. We believe in good energy and Bazi delivers it to you any time of day, with or without food, before or after a workout—whenever your body needs it. No warning labels. No crash course in chemistry. And no second thoughts.