What is Bazi

What is Bazi All Natural Energy Shot?

Bazi is a 2.5-ounce blend of 8 incredible super-fruits, combined with Ribose to create the perfect combination of natural energizing antioxidants and powerful nutrients in one simple drink. There are no artificial colors or flavors in Bazi. Everything you taste and everything you see in Bazi is a result of the different fruits and natural ingredients that make Bazi such a powerful natural energy shot.

The Bazi All Natural Energy Shot stands alone as the only Energy Drink willing to state that it is free of all banned substances as outlined by the World Doping Association (WADA).

  • All-Natural, no preservatives
  • Sweetened with organic cane sugar
  • Less sugars – only 7.5 grams per svg.
  • Superior ORAC value over other energy or fruit shots (per 2.5 oz. svg.)
  • Naturally energizes (no artificial chemical overload, i.e. less caffeine; less sugar)
  • Healthy fuel (no crash and burn; non addictive)
  • No warning label (it’s safe)
  • Great complement to an active lifestyle, not an unhealthy, artificial fix
  • Low calorie, only 47 calories per shot
  • New easy open bottle (no pesky paper seal)


Energy that lasts longer and recharges faster!


  • Increases vitality NEW
  • Fights fatigue NEW
  • Improves physical performance NEW
  • Decreases free radical formation during exercise NEW
  • Improves endurance NEW
  • For more information on Bioenergy Ribose visit http://bioenergyribose.com/



People want to be healthy. However, we all know that sometimes life can happen and get in the way of our best intentions. And, when that happens, we can fall prey to an Unhealthy, Artificial Fix (or a UAF, which is a completely made up acronym) in order to keep us going.

Unlike the Bazi energy shot, UAFs usually involve too much sugar, caffeine, and other questionably safe chemicals that can be dangerous to your body and habit forming. UAFs are only temporary Band-Aids and when you peel away their trendy logos your left with weird formulaic jargon; grossly, unpronounceable ingredients; and a throbbing headache. Bazi is the healthy alternative energy shot that can be easily incorporated into and enhance an already active lifestyle.

Travel worthy and tasty, the Bazi two-ounce convenient energy shot is made up of an exclusive Phyto8 blend (superfruits with the highest level of antioxidants), 12 vitamins, and trace minerals. Proactive as opposed to reactive, the energy that Bazi gives you is sustainable with exceptional nutritional benefits, allowing your body to naturally function at its most efficient level.



One, two-ounce shot of Bazi contains eight superfruits sourced from around the world (jujube, blueberry, goji, chokeberry, raspberry, pomegranate, açai, and seabuckthorn). We call this our exclusive antioxidant blend. Superfruits are the MVPs of the fruit world. Due to their high levels of nutrients and antioxidants, these edible superheroes help to fight off the nasty villains of pre-mature aging (gasp!) and disease by effectively neutralizing free radicals.*

Our Phyto8 Blend also provides a wide assortment of phytonutrients that a single fruit or juice simply cannot match. These include carotenoids, flavonoids, ellagic acid, and polyphenols. These various nutrients are critical to long-term health and fuel and protect right down to the cellular level.

So, what’s the big deal about Bazi? Well, no other energy shot or fruit juice has eight superfruits, therefore, cannot beat Bazi’s ORAC value! There’s no match.


The Phyto8 Blend of the most nutrient-rich fruits in BAZI can support:

  • New better berry taste! NEW
  • Hours of energy, the way nature intended.*
  • Improved focus and performance.*
  • Enhanced stamina and endurance.*
  • Metabolic and immune system support.*
  • Cardiovascular protection*
  • Convenient (only 2.5 ounces)