Part Three of the Phyto-8 Series

Part Three of the Phyto-8 Series

hero-fruitPomegranate- It was “wonderful” before all the mainstream marketing!

Long known as the “Fruit of Royalty,” pomegranate has generated tremendous interest in the scientific community due to its unique phytonutrient content. Before everyone thought the only way to get pomegranate was from those cute, curvy bottles it was revered for generations in cultures around the world. I do have to thank the strong marketing behind pomegranate, though, since most folks are now aware of the healthy properties of this awesome fruit.

One note on pomegranate, if you’ve ever tried to eat one you’ll understand how getting it in a form other than picking out those tiny red seeds is a godsend. That is one messy fruit, my friends.

Not only is it a rich source of vitamins C and B5, but it’s also a source of a class of antioxidant polyphenols known as punicalagins. These potent antioxidants have shown promise in not only supporting the body’s natural ability in protection from heart disease and hypertension. It has also shown great promise in prostate health.

Punicalagins’ bioavailability (meaning that the body readily absorbs and utilizes them) have been shown to be up to 95%. Compared to most other dietary antioxidants, which often have very poor bioavailability, they are in a league of their own! Where they shine in the latest research is in their ability to suppress growth of certain cancer cells (particularly prostate) as well as protect your cardiovascular system from oxidative damage.

My blog wouldn’t be complete without a reference or two. Here are several good references on this cool, but messy, fruit.

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One thing that makes Bazi unique and superior, in my opinion, to that “wonderful” product is that it combines the nutritional goodness of pomegranate along with seven other superfruits. Not to take anything away from their product, but it simply doesn’t have the nutrient density or diversity of Bazi. I think that’s pretty wonderful!

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