Just like Bazi is more than an energy shot, we believe our company is more than a natural energy provider. We’re trying to create a whole new standard for energy and nutrition. In fact, our ultimate goal is to deliver daily wellbeing for people who want to tap into their maximum potential.

We believe the shift to healthful, proactive ingredients isn’t a trend that will soon pass. That’s why we formulated Bazi for long-term, natural health benefits. Each superfruit in our proprietary blend is a powerhouse of vitamins, essential minerals and antioxidants offering the greatest health protection Mother Nature has to offer. One shot will give you a boost right now. And daily use over time can help you feel better overall.

People often ask what the name “Bazi” means. Pronounced “Bah-Zee,” the name refers to “the 8 elements of life” in the Chinese astrological system that predicts one’s fortune and wellbeing. We think it’s perfect because Bazi provides wellbeing through 8 superfruits to all kinds of folks, no matter what body shape, physical stature or age. It’s not the Fountain of Youth, but we believe Bazi is the healthiest energy shot out there. Try it and see for yourself why we love coming to work each day.

California Grown, Internationally Known

Based in California, BAZI International, Inc. is a provider of nutritional foods and beverages designed to help enhance physical health and overall performance.

Its primary product is BAZI®, a healthy, concentrated, energy shot with eight super fruits, including jujube, açaí, mangosteen, goji, pomegranate, blueberry, raspberry and seabuckthorn, plus a variety of phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and trace minerals, supporting the critical nutrition needed daily in a convenient, great tasting 2 ounce shot. BAZI’s commitment to quality, science and research has earned the company a loyal following of world-class athletes and an elite list of endorsers, including Olympic athletes

Management Team

Robert Van Boerum – Chief Operating OFficer

  • 15 years experience delivering innovative e-commerce and digital marketing solutions to small to mid-sized private and public companies.
  • Responsible for Company’s digital marketing efforts, including web and social media presence, as well as handling Company’s IT environment.

Hector Minjarez – Director of Customer Service

  • Overseeing customer service and fulfillment in the beverage and nutraceutical industry for over 10 years.
  • Extensive experience with all IT systems related to retailers and suppliers key communications.