You Must Be Crazy to Try Four Loko

You Must Be Crazy to Try Four Loko

Nine students were sent to the hospital when they drank one can of Four Loko, a popular alcoholic energy drink. The kids were in such bad shape that the police originally thought they were all ruffied. This is such a tragic story. How could one can of anything do such horrible damage?

Well, as it turns out the term “can” is an understatement. At 23.5 ounces, each behemoth container is enough to hold over 10 shots of BAZI. I drink 10 shots of BAZI in 10 days. Four Loko’s alcohol content is a whopping 12%. That puts one can at about 4 regular beers.

Are you ready for the kicker?

Four Loko costs only $2.50. That’s right! The drink seems to be a pure product of the recession. With an attractive cost, a high alcohol content, and enough unnatural energy to give you a heart attack, Four Loko is quickly finding its place in the bellies of college consumers.

This is a shocking trend. At BAZI we have always pledged natural energy done right. We only use 8 superfruits to provide your body exactly what it needs.

At Four Loko, their philosophy – if they have one – is to actually KILL their own users. What’s even worse is that this “strategy”, and I use that term loosely, is working. A huge portion of the population doesn’t care that others are getting very sick. In fact, I have noticed a few people celebrating these news stories by going out and purchasing Four Loko.

I can promise you that BAZI will continue to fight the good fight. We aim to set the example of what an energy drink should deliver. Clean, natural, good for you energy.

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