What is a Diet?

What is a Diet?

We’ve all jumped on the scale or looked at ourselves in the mirror and decided we need to lose a couple of pounds and go on a diet.  What is it about that word that makes us think of being hungry, almost tortured and unable to enjoy life as we know it?  What an evil word it is, indeed.

My version of a diet is looking at my weight as a lifetime, work in progress.  Sure, I want to look great all the time, but I know that my weight is going to fluctuate during the year and I accept it.  I do, however, make minor changes in my daily routine to deal with it.  For example, I’ll cut my portions, not eat after dinner or ride my bike more often in order to meet my goals.

What I don’t do is start a strict regimen of carefully chosen and tough-to-stick-with foods/meals that almost guarantee failure. A good rule of thumb is the more strict the diet (regardless of the promised outcome), the higher the likelihood of failure. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to just eat what you want and it’s all going to be good.  I’m telling you that minor changes, incorporated over a lifetime, will give you the best probability of long-term success.  That’s what we all should really focus on, being our healthiest best over a lifetime, and not just looking good for this summer’s vacation.

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