Vitamin D-lightful

Vitamin D-lightful

Recently, Men’s Exercise magazine released an article titled Vitamin D & Exercise: A Winning Combination. The author, Lorna Garano, writes that consuming vitamin D is a great way to supercharge your workout. She writes, “Boosting your D intake will allow you to bring more energy and better performance to your workouts. And if you go outside for your regular run or workout, you’ll get more vitamin D from exposure to sunlight.”

Lorna also spoke on the subject with James E. Dowd, M.D., an associate director and professor of medicine at Michigan State University. Mr. Dowd says, “Vitamin D helps you exercise better, longer and more productively.”  He went on to say that, “The trouble is that a whopping 60 percent of us are vitamin D deficient and most don’t know it.”

It comes as no surprise that Men’s Exercise wrote very kind words about BAZI. Did you know that BAZI contains 200% of your daily recommended dose of vitamin D? BAZI makes sure that your workout is supercharged and super healthy.

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