The Drive to Do It

The Drive to Do It

A great thing about maintaining a facebook page is being able to connect with our customers. Today I was able to start a conversation with CJ who, through a great exercise routine, healthy eating habits, and personal drive, was able to successfully combat his heart disease. The doctors told CJ that he would need
to wear a pacemaker. Fast forward one year and CJ is still pace maker free! His advice to the couch potatoes out there?

“Just have the DRIVE to do it. Get up on your own and do it. It’s hard to motivate but DO IT!”

He inspired me to reach out to you all with some great fitness tips.

  1. Stretch: Any great workout begins with a great stretching. Not only does stretching improve joint motion, but it helps decrease the chance of injury. How’s that for 5 minutes of work?
  2. FormWe’ve all seen them, heck some of us are probably guilty. Don’t be like the people who load up heavy on the weights and do the work using their back. Forget the fact that you could possibly hurt your spine, your poor technique isn’t helping you build strength at all. Experts always say, “form first and strength second.” If you can’t keep proper technique than you’re probably lifting too much.
  3. Change: Okay so you’ve stretched and are exercising with perfect form. Great, you’re onto something. Now all you need to do is develop a changing routine. You need to keep shocking the body to encourage muscle strength to develop and to keep working the body in a balanced way to prevent overuse injuries.

Finally, here is a list of best foods for weight loss.

  1. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a great source of nutrients and fiber, and an excellent choice for breakfast. It helps to keep you feeling satisfied for longer, whereas packaged breakfast cereals generally don’t do a great job at all.
  2. Legumes: They are nutritious, cheap, easy to use, and low in calories. These guys are a great, affordable choice if you are trying to lose weight.
  3. Nuts: When your diet is filled with nuts you don’t need to worry so much about counting calories, your body naturally craves less.
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