The Craziness of the San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon

The Craziness of the San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon

Last monht on June 6th, it was a crazy morning for 30,000 nervous and excited runners because it was the day of the famous San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon and Half Marathon. The craziness for us, however, started two days before; during race registration and the Marathon Expo.

How do you get 70,000 people through the doors of a convention center during two, 8 hour periods?  You bring them in busses, lots of busses. I’ve never seen so many come and go in a single day. It was absolutely pandemonium in the expo hall, and the aisles were constantly jammed with participants stopping to look at all the goodies and gadgets.

There was everything from shoes, socks and apparel, to the not-so-running-related vendors like vacation timeshares.  Naturally, the Bazi booth garnered quite a bit of attention because runners are interested in a healthy alternative to energy shots/drinks. With the “Bazi Girls” out in front of the booth handing out samples and the staff in support, we gave out nearly 20,000 samples of Bazi.

What we found very interesting was the same stories we were told over and over again.  Runners had tried the various energy shots and drinks on the market and nearly all had negative experiences with them. They were looking for a healthy alternative to these caffeine and sugar-laden products and Bazi really met the needs for many of the runners who tried it.

As an aside (I’ve written about this in my Top 5 Recovery Tips), Bazi really is a groundbreaking product because it not only for power/energy, it’s also fantastic as a recovery product.  The phytonutrients in our proprietary Phyto8 Blend offer antioxidant protection that simply isn’t there in energy drinks and shots.

I don’t want this to sound too much like a pitch for Bazi, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that endurance athletes want a product to help them perform better.  Of course proper training, rest and nutrition are critical, but Bazi can certainly play a role in performing at your best.  Those 30,000 participants got a chance to try and it and I’m confident that they will be back for more.

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