Supplements are Better Than Sunlight for Vitamin D

Supplements are Better Than Sunlight for Vitamin D

I’ve written about vitamin D before and how it’s the new rock star in vitamins, but the latest research isn’t so much on the benefits of vitamin D, rather than the best way to get it.

It’s known as the “sunshine vitamin” because the body can synthesize it through the skin, via sun exposure.  However, those who are in geographical areas that have limited sunlight, or during winter months, may not receive sufficient exposure on a daily basis to meet their needs.

The latest edition of Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology reports that meeting sufficient vitamin D needs via sun exposure increases one’s risk for UV-related disease when compared to meeting needs through supplements.  They used computer modelling to examine sun exposure potential in various regions in the US and concluded that in Boston, MA during the winter it would not be possible to receive sufficient vitamin D through sun exposure.  Conversely, the other city used in the model, Miami, FL, allowed year-round sun exposure for vitamin D synthesis.  The downside, however, was the UV risk associated with it. As such, the researches concluded that the safest and most consistent method to receive vitamin D is through supplements. In their report, the authors stated:

“Because of these practical difficulties combined with the detrimental side effects of UV exposure, we endorse the assessment that even if it is ultimately demonstrated that increasing vitamin D levels impacts cancer and chronic disease, oral supplements of vitamin D would probably represent the safest way to increase vitamin D status.”

Bottom line; get your vitamin D via diet and supplements!

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