Summertime Sports

Summertime Sports

Summer is in full swing, which means we’re spending more time outside playing than working out in the gym. Longer days and better weather typically means more time running along the beach, riding the trails, and hitting the links. If you were like us, you spent your summer at soccer, basketball or surf camp. Oh, to be a kid again!

One of the best things about summer is that as adults, we get to “play” too! There are summer softball leagues and pickup basketball games that allow us to get in a workout without going to the gym. And, if we’re lucky, vacations include a round of golf, a hike, or some scuba diving. What are your favorite summertime sports? Leave a comment and let us know.

We know a lot of people who workout at the gym throughout the winter just to maintain their fitness levels so they’re ready to play during the summer. Or those who pick marathons to run in the fall so they can train all summer long. Do you plan your workouts according to the season or event? Or do you stick to your same fitness routine year-round? Either way, we hope you’re having a great summer!

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