Sprouting for a Healthy Diet

Sprouting for a Healthy Diet

Did you know that the nuts you eat are actually in a dormant stage? In this stage, the nuts contain enzyme inhibitors which are meant to protect the nutritional value of the seed. Eating seeds in the dormant stage prevents the digestion of the seed because these enzyme inhibitors counteract the enzymes in your stomach that break down food.

In the late 1920’s, an American professor named Edmond Szekely studied the concept of sprouting – that is to say, the process of “waking up” the dormant seeds by soaking them in water, which encourages the sprouting. He found that through this process of sprouting, the value of the food increased by more than 20%. When you sprout the seed, it literally comes to life. During the sprouting process, new and higher quality proteins and other nutrients are produced. Another benefit of sprouting is that the process deactivates the enzyme inhibitors allowing your body to easily digest the nutrition in the seed, nut or bean.

The best part of the sprouting process is how easy it is. Here are the simple steps:

  • Take as many seeds as you wish and place in a jar with lukewarm water and leave overnight.
  • Drain the water from the jar in the morning and put the jar in a dark place
  • Rinse the seeds every 12 hours.
  • Once sprouting begins put the jar into sunlight.


In a day or so, your sprouts will be ready. For more information click here.

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