Rock ‘N’ Roll Recap: Denver

Rock ‘N’ Roll Recap: Denver

It’s been a busy weekend here at BAZI. We helped support the Rock ‘N’ Roll marathon over the weekend in Denver. We were stationed in the Health Exp in Denver’s Convention Center. This was the first ever Rock ‘N’ Roll marathon in Denver and people were loving it! With over 15,000 rocking runners, participation was at capacity!

Some people rocked a little harder than they rolled. Jon Dimaya, a Vegas resident who was in town for the marathon wore an Elvis costume. “I’m running seven Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathons.  I just did Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona, San Diego and Seattle.  This was number four and it was awesome.  There was a lot of support, more so than in some of the other towns,” said Dimaya.

Plenty of people figured the Denver marathon to be the toughest. At 5,280 feet above sea level, the air pressure was certainly just as testing as the uphill battles.

Mike Aish, formerly of New Zealand and currently of Arvada, CO, won the full marathon in 2:30:36.  Aish won Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona back in 2008.  Miguel Cazares was second in 2:42:16 and Matt Gallagher was third in 2:42:24.

In the women’s division, Karen Barlow of Australia took the top spot in 2:54:56.  Barlow also won Rock ‘n’ Roll Mardi Gras in New Orleans last March.  Englewood’s Heather Utratra, who won the Colfax Marathon in March, was second in 2:56:02 and Nicole Chyr was third in 2:57:44.

Over 30,000 people came through the Health Expo. Not only did Team BAZI enjoy passing out free samples to thousands of people, we also passed out free BAZI to other booth workers. They loved the natural energy that BAZI gave them and asked for it the next day as a healthy way to make it through the long hours.

Our intern Sharon Studebaker finished the half marathon with a finishing time of 2:05:47. We’re all really proud of her!

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