More Lies From the Guys at 5-Hour Energy

More Lies From the Guys at 5-Hour Energy

In recent news, two class action lawsuits claim that Stacker-2 and 5-Hour Energy aren’t fully disclosing exactly what ingredients are (or aren’t) in them. Calling them nothing more than “nondisclosed caffeine shots,” both energy shots are now under review as containing none of the folic acid or B vitamins that are claimed to be inside of the synthetic beverages.

Harold Hoffman, the class action filer said that both companies advertise their products as “two fluid ounces of a liquid that if consumed … enhances the consumer’s sharpness, alertness and energy level for five hours,” thanks to a “specifically formulated blend of B-vitamins” and other ingredients.
Hoffman calls the vitamin claims deceptive advertising, a claim he says he can support with a “detailed, independent, third-party laboratory analysis.”

Hoffman says that Stacker-2 advertises with the bogus claim that it contains “400 mg of folic acid.” He says analysis shows the drug “contains approximately 40% of the represented concentration.” He says 5-Hour Energy misrepresents the contents of its product, also by overstating its folic acid content. Hoffman claims this drug contains “207 mg of caffeine,” even more than Stacker-2, and that it “lacks the energy producing capabilities promised by defendant.”

Obviously, those energy drinks contain a whole bunch of bull inside of them. Why settle for unhealthy, artificial fixes when you can power up with the goodness of 8 superfruits? Don’t sacrifice your body for a crash-later jittery high! Nourish your being with BAZI’s nutritional science!

After all, in a BAZI world Energy + Nutrition = Healthy Fuel.

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