Meet Bob

Meet Bob

Are you an energy addict or caffeine junkie? Then join Energy-A-Holics, Bob’s support group. This is a safe place where a few brave energy addicts share courageous stories of their struggles with energy drink addiction. You’re not alone. Join the recovery movement!

BAZI is supporting energy addicts the only way we know how: By providing as much healthy, nutritious energy as we can!

We want to help rehabilitate all the unhealthy energy addicts out there. Any energy-a-holic willing to make the switch to an energy shot without the crash and burn has the great opportunity to do so with our Buy One 12-Pack Get One Free Recovery Sale!

Bob was kind enough to write a poem about his Energy-A-Holic meeting:

Give me your tired, your crashing,
Your wired masses yearning to energize healthily,
The addicted junkies of your caffeinated shore.
Send these, the sugary, chemical lovers to me,
I lift my 12-Pack beside the 8 superfruit door!


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