Going The Extra Mile

Going The Extra Mile

You already go the extra mile in your workout routine. Does your passion and drive for excellence carry over when it comes to nutrition? We understand that other energy shots are more convenient to purchase. Heck, they’re located in convenience stores. You have to ask yourself if the ease of purchase is worth ingesting a drink whose ingredients are crafted in quarantined labs by scientists with plastic coats and chemistry goggles?

Don’t let ordering online stop you from healthy, nutritious, of the earth energy. We want to fuel your next great achievement. Go the extra mile.

“But I want the energy shots now! BAZI takes a few days to ship. :O(.”

Okay. We get it. Convenience goes a long way. In fact, you may have heard that we are poised to move into a store near you this year. 2011 isn’t the year of the Hare. It’s the year of the BAZI! Take advantage of this time right now. Know cool before it becomes super cool. Trend set the playing field with your shot of BAZI. Outperform you competitor with our sustainable, 8 superfruit powered, no crash energy. Be BAZI before everyone else!

Now’s the best time to order! Along with the release of our Energy-A-Holic web series, we’re offering a 12-Pack Buy One Get One Free Sale! Don’t sleep on this offer. The sale ends at January 31st. If you’ve been procrastinating now’s the time to take action! Go the extra mile.


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