Bring It With BAZI

Bring It With BAZI

Some people still don’t know what makes BAZI so awesome. Our little shot is packed with a boatload of nutrition, flavor, and energy. 8 fruits, 12 vitamins, and trace┬áminerals means that you get naturally charged at the cellular level. You can be sure the only power you get is from our superfruits.

Seabuckthorn, Jujube, Acai, Goji, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Mangosteen, and Raspberry – these are our main ingrediants! Sourced all across the globe, these magic fruits are action packed with nutritional qualities.

Our team of nutritionists helped in the development of the BAZI formula. Our main philosophy was Energy + Nutrition = Healthy Fuel. Our number one priority was the health of our consumers. That’s why we’re proud that BAZI contains no warning labels.

BAZI gives you that sustainable energy you need, without any of the crash. That’s because your not getting artificially amped up. There is no caffeinated, over-sugary, caloric energy explosion that will leave you jittery later.

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“BAZI has given me better mental clarity to focus on my work and a clean energy while also giving my body the things that it needs on a daily basis.” -Sean

“First and foremost the health benefits alone with BAZI have been life changing for me. The energy and focus that I now possess have led to a better diet and more exercise and I have lost nearly 40 lbs this year.” -Allan

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