BAZI Breaks the Rules of Energy

BAZI Breaks the Rules of Energy

Researchers writing in this month’s Mayo Clinic Proceedings urged caution when consuming energy drinks. “What we know is that a typical energy drink can have as much as a quarter cup of sugar, and more caffeine than a strong cup of coffee,” the leader researcher, Dr. John Higgins of The University of Texas Medical School at Houston, said. While Dr. John Higgins thinks that the extreme levels of caffeine (over 200 mg!) and sugar (over 50 g!) are an issue, he thinks the real problem is what is the unknown.

Quantities of other ingredients, such as the herbal stimulant guarana, the amino acid taurine, and other herbs, minerals and vitamins that may make up proprietary energy blends are rarely listed, he said.

Dr. Higgins’ generalization holds some weight. 5 Hour-Energy was recently shown to be deceitful in it’s caffeine representation. Many energy drinks contain more caffeine than they list because they are hidden in herbal stimulants. However, while Dr. Higgins might find listing energy blends a rare occurrence, we at BAZI find it part of our best practices. If you keep up with this blog you must know by now how much we love writing about what’s in our energy shot!

BAZI’s commitment to quality, science and research has earned the company a loyal following of world-class athletes and an elite list of endorsers, including Olympic athletes.

Dr. Higgins says, “There is nothing unique about the ingredients found in energy drinks.” Nothing unique eh? What about an energy drink that combines the powerful forces of 8 different superfruits! How’s that for special?

BAZI was created with a vision: To provide healthy sustainable energy to our customers. Energy + Nutrition = Healthy Fuel.

BAZI is real and energizes the way nature intended. Each superfruit in the Phyto8 Blend is a powerhouse of antioxidants sporting the greatest health protection mother nature has to offer. It’s a healthier alternative to help you conquer that rock with courage, smack down the competition with authority, or soar sleeplessly through the night shift. From the office exec to the stay-at-home parent to the outdoor enthusiast, BAZI packs pure power that helps your body meet its nutritional needs. BAZI—the no bull shot.

BAZI is breaking the rules of energy, one unhealthy convention at a time.

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