BAZI Badges

BAZI Badges

We’ve got a Tumblr now! We’re recognizing people who act in the spirit of the BAZI Moment.

The BAZI Moment has no mayor. Your smart phone can’t earn you these badges. At BAZI, we hand pick badge winners because of their exceptional display of The BAZI Moment. Each badge boasts the principles we pack into every one of our healthy energy shots.

BAZI isn’t your average shot — these aren’t your average badges. You can’t check into The BAZI Moment.

The BAZI Badges:

No-Bull Badge: Congratulations, you are a purveyor of truth, authenticity and honor. No amount glitz, glamor or wool could fabricate your moment. This badge is strictly reserved for pure, authentic, no-gimmick actions — just like BAZI’s no-nonsense contents.


Ballin’ Badge: Champions are one thing, athletic abnormalities are quite another. It doesn’t matter if your a professional, amateur or a newbie, for your moment, you owned the game. As BAZI gives you the edge over your competition, you’ve shaken up the playing field.


BAZItivity Badge: Philanthropy’s good name has been sullied by celebs and politicians looking to eat all of your humble pie. Your moment has cleansed the idea of giving, by turning the focus back to those in need. BAZI cleans and reconstructs the infrastructure ruined by a bad diet.


Bold Badge: Beat your chest, soldier, you deserve it. Your emotional moment of triumph is reserved for battling tremendous odds and scathing skeptics. The banging flavor in each BAZI was built for warriors of your stature.


Brilliant Badge: Genius is a word that isn’t easily thrown around, but it suits you. People spend their whole lives grinding for a mental moment like this. It’s the sort of savvy that is reserved for laureates, for rare intellectual talents. BAZI gives you genius.


If you know someone who exemplifies a badge-worth BAZI moment, email their story to If we select your moment, we’ll send you a free BAZI Energy Shot 6-Pack.

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