BAZI Backs You Up

BAZI Backs You Up

You get home absolutely filthy, exhausted from your rec basketball league. You shower, get into bed, and prime yourself for sleep. Then, in a moment of clarity you realize that there is a huge project that you needs fixing before presenting it the next day. Mentally exhausted and physically broken down, you vainly hit the books. Problem is, you’re having about as much success processing the information as the politicians do understanding America’s economy. In order to get out of your own personal recession, you reach for a product that’s got your back – an energy drink.

But did you reach for the right one?

Some energy shots promise 5 hours of energy, but neglect to tell you that they contain over 200 milligrams of caffeine. I don’t know about you, but drinking 4 cups of coffee in one 2 oz shot is not my cup of tea (pun not intended – it’s an expression). That’d be one hell of an espresso.

Some energy shots claim to give you freakish appendages that will help you fly. But, like Icarus, when you fly too high you’re destined for a crash. These energy drinks contain nothing but bull. Good luck getting anything done after crashing from one of these bad boys.

Other energy drinks take no shame in their artificial energy. They revel in the fact that their drink will jack you up like an electric toaster in a bathtub. Death is one way to avoid that presenation, but I doubt it’s your first choice.

Lastly there’s an energy drink that was formulated with your benefits in mind and understands how energy works on a cellular level. BAZI gives your body exactly what it needs, our exclusive Phyto8 Blend nutritiously powers one, two-ounce shot of BAZI with eight superfruits sourced from around the world (jujube, blueberry, goji, mangosteen, raspberry, pomegranate, açai, and seabuckthorn). Proactive as opposed to reactive, the energy that BAZI gives you is sustainable with exceptional nutritional benefits, allowing your body to naturally function at its most efficient level.

There are many imitators but only one BAZI.

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